Hot 10 Courting Tips - “10 Dating Tips That Will Impress”

Published: 04th October 2010
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Dating is a phase in courtship. It’s not easy; however it is mentioned to be a rather memorable experience. Lots of written work has already been published relating to the Do's and Don'ts of relationship, whether from psychologists with the highest academic degrees, of from writers who simply know the ways of dating. It makes you wonder although, of all the information, which one does work anyway? And which one does not? This article is my own take to the hundreds of tips that I have learn on dating.

I am in my twenties, and yes, I've dated, so I do know if these "ideas" do work. One factor I can tell you is, if all dating tips could possibly be summarized to 10, then the first half would only be made from tricks to actually prepare yourself to this point, and not the dating as a verb itself. So that is what this top 10 list will compose. Five tried tips to prepare yourself, and the other 5 to get yourself through the "dating" game.

1. Get to know yourself. This is a definite must. How on earth would you introduce your being to another if you are uncertain of who you are? Apart from, realizing yourself before venturing into dating will narrow your "misses" and enhance your "hits" because you already can assess the type of man or lady you wish to be with.

2. Be financially able. This is still a must in the preparation stage, even if you're a woman. It's important to be financially in a position because this can be a plus to men. This also avoids being too dependent on the guys. And, it adds to self-confidence. For men, why be financially able? Well, why do you think? Even if this is the twenty first century, men will always remain (etiquette-wise) in charge of the bill.

3. Keep yourself attractive. Does this need extra explaining? Hmm.. Maybe a little. Maintaining yourself attractive will send signals that you are prepared for dating and are a good catch. You don't want designer clothes, plastic surgery or liposuction; you simply have to be neat all the time. And by neat I do not mean just cleanliness, I mean wearing clothes that match and flatter, carrying just the right hues of make up for women, and smelling good all of the time.

4. Maintain your values, habits and attitudes in check. That is another self- analysis tip. Ask a close friend to tell you what she or he thinks about your entire perspective in life. Maintain these that can entice the right people, and begin refraining from those that will cause you trouble. Don't be concerned about staying distinctive, as you will always be, without exerting effort.

5. Be a good friend. Consider everybody as friends. Don't match yourself to somebody at once. Keep in mind, friendship is the foundation of a lasting relationship. When the sensation of "love" fades, it is the intimacy and honesty of friendship that will keep the two of you intact.

So here goes the survival tip if you are already "in" the dating phase.

6. Maintain eye-contact. Not the stalker kind of eye contact (which is actually considered staring). Eye contact lets your date know that you are interested with her or him, and that in your date, your focus of attention is your partner.

7. Learn how to maintain the conversation rolling. For first, second or third dates, hold conversations light and happy. You don't need to tell your dark pasts or your deep problems right away. Just the basics, bear in mind, you are still trying to establish the match, and the intimacy.

8. Be as much as possible honest. However don’t give away all your details if you just picked your date out of nowhere. Being honest spares you the worry on having your partner find out about your lies when both of you have moved a step higher within the dating phase.

9. Girls, do not demand too much attention. Boys, do not be too possessive. Allow space so either of you possibly can determine what they really feel if the other is round and if they are not around. All relationships need enough space.

10. Take your date to places where both of you can talk. Occasionally go to the movies; however don’t make it a staple for your dates. Try a romantic sunset stroll on the beach or in the park. This allows extra conversational situations to arise. It also relieves both your stress after a long day's work.

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